Fuck Yeah Famous Queers

Permalink Algerian-French academic, writer, poet, playwright, philosopher and literary critic ‪Hélène Cixous‬. Philosopher Jacques Derrida once called her the greatest living French writer. She is considered one of the originators of poststructural feminist theory, and has written about the relationship between sexuality and language since the 1970s. Born June 5, 1937.
Permalink American actor, director, poet, artist and anarchist Julian Beck.He was an abstract expressionist painter in the ’40s, but his career changed when he met Judith Malina, who became his wife. They founded The Living Theatre in 1947, which Beck directed until his death. The theatre was influenced by Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty, which was intended to shock. He published several volumes of poetry and two non-fiction books during his lifetime, and also appeared in films like Oedipus Rex, The Cotton Club, 9 1/2 Weeks, and Poltergeist II. May 31, 1925 - Sept. 14, 1985.
Permalink American television producer Allison Adler.She has worked on series like Family Guy, Chuck, Still Standing and No Ordinary Family. Adler was formerly in a relationship with actress Sara Gilbert, with whom she has two children. Born May 30, 1967.
Permalink English transgender activist and law professor Stephen Whittle.During his childhood, he discovered he was sexually attracted to both men and women, and had a strong desire to be a man, grow a beard and have a hairy chest. When he was 16, he read an article about a person who had transitioned from female to male.In 1974, he came out as transgender after attending a women’s liberation conference in Edinburgh, Scotland as a member of the Manchester Lesbian Collective. Whittle co-founded the Manchester TV/TS group, the first support group for transgender people in the United Kingdom in 1975.He also founded and co-ordinated the U.K.’s FTM Network, which he led until 2007. Whittle is also the founder of Press for Change, one of the U.K.’s most successful trans rights lobby groups. He has actively worked to change the U.K.’s laws and social attitudes about transgender individuals, and allowed a television special to be made about his phalloplasty surgery in 2002. After the U.K.’s Gender Recognition Act came into effect in 2005, he got a new birth certificate and legally married his partner, Sarah Rutherford. They have four children. That same year, Whittle was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for his services to transgender issues. Born May 29, 1955.
Permalink French philosopher, writer and journalist Jean-Paul Aron.
He wrote two novels and three plays during his lifetime, and many essays on the mid-20th century middle-class in France.Aron was one of the first Frenchmen to die of AIDS, and challenged many perceptions of the disease in the country.May 27, 1925 - Aug. 20, 1988.
Permalink American politician Kim Coco Iwamoto.She is a second term member of the Hawaii Board of Education, and in 2006 when she was elected, became the first transgender person to win statewide office. Iwamoto holds a A.A. in Merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology, a B.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, and a J.D. from the University of New Mexico School of Law.She publicly opposed Proposition 8, the 2008 ballot proposition and constitutional amendment removing equal marriage in California, because she said it reminded her of her Japanese mother’s internment in World War II. Born May 26, 1968.
Permalink American television writer and producer Greg Berlanti.He was a writer and producer on Dawson’s Creek, its Young Americans spin-off, and co-created Everwood and Jack & Bobby.Berlanti also wrote and directed the 2000 film Broken Hearts Club, and co-wrote Green Lantern. He’s currently the executive producer of Brothers & Sisters.Born May 24, 1972.
Permalink Roberta Cowell, the first known person in the United Kingdom to have gender reassignment surgery.She was a Spitfire pilot in World War II and a racing driver after the war. She had a vaginoplasty in 1951. She had a long friendship with Michael Dillon, whose transition was overseen by a mutual doctor in the ’50s.Born May 21, 1921.
Permalink American actor Paul Winfield.His first major film role was alongside Sidney Poitier in The Lost Man, and he appeared on the sitcom Julia in the ’60s and ’70s. He portrayed Martin Luther King, Jr. in a 1978 miniseries. His best actor Academy Award nomination for 1972’s Sounder was a major achievement, because only three other black Americans (Dorothy Dandrige, Poitier and James Earl Jones) had received nominations at that point. He also starred in Huckleberry Finn, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, The Terminator, Mars Attacks! and Of Mice and Men. He was also known for his voice talents, having done voiceovers for cartoons like Spider-Man, The Magic School Bus, Batman Beyond, Gargoyles and The Simpsons. Winfield won an Emmy Award in 1995 for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series, for Picket Fences. May, 22, 1939 - March 7, 2004.
Permalink British-Canadian journalist, novelist, playwright and activist Peter Wildeblood. He began his career writing for the Daily Mail in Leeds, England, and then in London, where he had an affair with a Royal Air Force corporal named Edward McNally. A series of letters he wrote McNally were later presented at a trial where he was convicted of ‘conspiracy to incite acts of gross indecency.’ He, along with Lord Montagu of Beaulieu and the Lord’s cousin Michael Pitt-Rivers, were sentenced to prison time. Pitt-Rivers and Wildeblood got 18 months in jail, while the Lord only got a year. In 1955, a year after his conviction, he published a book called Against the Law, about his experiences with the horrible Wormwood Scrubs prison. He then began actively campaigning for gay rights.He later became a television producer, moved to Canada, and later worked for the CBC. He also wrote a book of lyrics for Peter Greenwell’s music for The Crooked Mile. He is considered to have had a huge role in the decriminalization of homosexuality in the U.K. in 1967. May 19, 1923 - Nov. 14, 1999.